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Activities for Everyone

Our varied choice of activities provides endless options for your group no matter their age or ability. Tailor your trip to the learning outcomes you wish to achieve and enjoy a JCA adventure to remember!



Take to the abseiling tower and get the adrenaline pumping as you commando jump your way to base.

Aerial Trek

High Aerial Trek Ropes

Condover Hall’s Aerial Trek gives children of all abilities a series of fresh rope climbing challenges.


Archery at JCA Centre

Young archers will develop concentration, self-discipline and co-ordination in full safety at one of JCAs centres.

Archery tag

Archery tag

A great team activity promoting communication, leadership, tactical thinking and is just great fun.

Buggy building

Children buggy building

Buggy building is a team-building exercise in which teams must work together to build their buggy to withstand a series of gruelling tests.


Evening quiz for kids

Busted is an evening entertainment session which turns the rules of a traditional quiz on their head.


Campfire with students

Enjoy an evening campfire sharing stories and talents with your group at a JCA activity centre.

Canoeing (Lake)

Lake Canoeing with children

Under the guidance of a specialist water sports instructor students will have fun learning the fundamentals of lake canoeing.

Canoeing (River)

School child canoeing

Children take to their canoes and explore the rivers and waterways of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside.

Circus skills

Circus Skills at Condover Hall

Children can practice circus skills such as juggling, diablo, plate spinning, slack-lining and more at JCA centres.


Climbing Wall Activity

Young climbers will each get the chance to reach the summit while being encouraged from their peers.

Dance mania

Dance sessions for children

Children invent their own dance move which is worked into a sequence composed of all the groups moves.


School trip Disco

Disco night at a JCA centre brings all groups together for a fun and energetic final evening of throwing shapes.

Egg Protector

Egg Protector Activity

School groups to invent their own egg protection device to withstand several grueling tests at JCA centres.


fencing children

Children will be encouraged to develop concentration, discipline and agility through fencing instruction.

Film Night

School film night

A JCA film night is a great opportunity to reflect back on the day’s events with friends and enjoy a classic film.

Giant Cluedo

Giant Cluedo

Children will be set a scenario and then need to visit different locations around the centre to complete different tasks to solve the mystery.

Grid of stones

Grid of Stones Activity

Unique to Condover Hall is the Grid of Stones; an indoor activity where players must apply memory and concentration skills to navigate across the room and communicate effectively with the rest of their team. Grid stones on the floor will illuminate green if the correct path is chosen and red if not, indicating that a […]

High Ropes Course

High Ropes at Mount Cook

Children are introduced to climbing in a thrilling, fun and safe way with various challenges to conquer.


Children Katakanuing

Custom-built, mini catamaran boats made for six children who need to learn to navigate their vessel as a team.

Kayaking (Lake)

Safe Kayaking for Children

Our lake provides an ideal environment for an introduction to kayaking for children without a current to contend with.

Kayaking (River)

River kayaking water sports

River kayaking at JCAs Croft Farm centre is aimed at groups who are in need of a more advanced challenge on the water.

Laser Conquest

Laser Conquest at Condover Hall

Taking place in a giant inflatable arena, participants must roam around the area searching for the opposition.

Laser Maze

Laser maze at Condover Hall

Kids will enter stealth mode in this indoor activity as they make their way across the laser maze exclusive to Condover Hall.

League Toppers

Children around the campfire | JCA

Engaging the mind, League Toppers will see children use problem solving skills at any of the JCA UK activity centres.

Low Ropes Course

Children using the low ropes

JCA low ropes are less than a metre off the ground and are made up of a combination of obstacles and challenges for the group.

Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics for school groups

Young athletes will have the chance to experience the thrill of being an Olympian during this exhilarating session.

Nocturnal Safari

Nocturnal Safari

An evening activity at JCA centres where children will take to the centre’s woodlands and discover the environment around them.



Young outdoor explorers will practice map skills as groups navigate around the JCA site.

Pool Snorkelling

Pool Snorkeling

Pool snorkeling teaches children how to get around on the surface of the water in a calm environment.

Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch Activity

Teams must complete challenges to win scrap components that will go into the production of their very own water-powered rockets!

Run Around Quiz

Run around quiz at Condover Hall

Children must get their thinking caps and running shoes on as they compete in this active quiz.


JCA Croft Farm sailing

JCAs sailing dinghies are ideal for children to learn on our shallow 12 acre lake and be introduced to the love of sailing.

Sensory Trail

Sensory trail activity

Children will learn to use and develop their senses through a series of tasks and games on this sensory trail activity.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco for children

Silent disco uses wireless headsets and a choice of channels so you only listen to the music you like.

Sit on top kayaking


JCA’s on-site lakes provide the perfect environment for an introduction to kayaking without a current to contend with. Using junior-sized equipment, including an open-topped kayak that has the children sitting above the water line, learners will not feel confined within the vessel. Young seafarers will be guided through paddling skills by a specialist watersports instructor, […]

Stand up paddleboarding

Paddle Boarding

Take to the water on a Stand Up Paddle Board where participants stand on a board much like a surf board and use a paddle to navigate. Requiring determination and balance, it provides a full body workout challenge! Known as SUPing, this versatile and fun sport enables learners to enjoy being on the water. The […]


Childrens survival activity

Children will be provided with a survival scenario, which will require them to quickly establish priorities.

Team challenge

JCA supports children learning

Working together the team will overcome challenges to collect parts of an artefact to build at the end of the session.


Tunnelling at Condover Hall

Our tunnelling session is an exciting, challenging activity, participants will navigate through our purpose-built indoor system.

Wet & Wacky

Pool games for children

A fun selection of pool-based games suitable for participants of any ability, including non-swimmers.

Wide Games

Wide Game

Played in a large open space comprising of different games, objectives and challenges, wide games require both imagination and initiative.


Child windsurfing

Beginners’ kit and qualified instruction will ensure all groups of all abilities get to grips with windsurfing during their time at Croft Farm.

Zip Wire

Child on a zip wire

Children will fly through the air like a monkey swinging under a forest canopy on JCA’s fun zip wire at Condover Hall.

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