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JCA’s on-site lakes provide the perfect environment for an introduction to kayaking without a current to contend with. Using junior-sized equipment, including an open-topped kayak that has the children sitting above the water line, learners will not feel confined within the vessel.

Young seafarers will be guided through paddling skills by a specialist watersports instructor, along with advice on how to stay safe on the water. This activity helps to develop teamwork, communication and children’s confidence on the water through group tasks, including Paddle Swap, Seat Swap, and other balance games.

Buoyancy aids and helmets are provided to all participants. A qualified specialist watersports instructor will be provided for this activity on a ratio of 1:8 participants, ensuring safety on the water.

Subject relevance:

English, Physical Education (PE)

Suitable for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Non-school groups

Centres offering this activity:

  • Condover Hall
  • Croft Farm
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