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As part of our School of Coding series, robotics workshops for schools at Condover Hall Activity Centre show students how they can build and code robotics that can be used in the real world by using computational thinking, computer programming, and problem-solving in an engaging and hands-on way.

Like with all School of Coding workshops, the robotics workshops can slot seamlessly into your JCA activity programme.

What to expect

Depending on the size and number of groups you wish to enrol into the engineering workshops, sessions can run either simultaneously or rotationally alongside Condover Hall’s many adventure activities.

  • Workshops last 3 hours 15 mins (15-minute break included)
  • Introduction to Crumble software
  • Breaking down code and blocks
  • Edisons: what are they and how can they be coded?
  • VR activities
  • The transferable skills of robotics

Robotics with the School of Coding

Choose the robotics workshop and see your students discover the world of building and coding robots that have practical applications. By fostering computational thinking, computer programming, and problem-solving skills, the session is kicked off by constructing police lights with a crumble board, LED lights, wires, battery packs, and buttons.

Students can then delve into coding techniques to make the lights flash red and blue with button activation.

To ensure progression through the session, the School of Coding provide extension tasks like integrating a moving wheel into their circuit and coding it to rotate.

As students progress through the session, they transition to coding Edison robots to conquer a challenging race track. Through a process of problem-solving and experimentation, students utilise either block code or text-based code (tailored to their coding proficiency) to guide the Edison robot through an intricate course.

Students then come together to draw parallels to real-world applications by exploring examples such as Tesla’s innovative technologies.

See what happens on a typical trip

To give you a better idea of what you might expect on a typical week at Condover Hall with School of Coding workshops, check out our sample itineraries below.

Interested in our Robotics workshops for schools?

To find out more about our Robotics workshops at Condover Hall, get in touch with our friendly team on 01273 647 200 or simply fill in our quick enquiry form below.

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