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Active Outdoor Learning For Primary and Secondary Schools

With the learner at the centre of everything we do, our school residential trips are perfectly geared to provide outdoor learning for primary and secondary school age groups.

We’ll tailor your trip to your group’s specific needs, and deliver an adventure that supports the development of key skills, communication, teamwork and confidence.

Your JCA instructor will stay with your group throughout your stay. This consistency means they can build strong relationships with the children, adapt to their individual needs, and bring any shy ones out of their shell.

Whether you are a primary or secondary school, we have a huge range of physical, mental and social activities to make your school trip a developmental and memorable experience.

Residential Trips for Secondary Schools

Secondary school residential trip
Secondary schools can enjoy a varied outdoor learning experience at our UK JCA activity centres. During a JCA Adventure trip, secondary school students will be challenged in an encouraging environment.
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