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As part of our School of Coding series, coding workshops for schools at Condover Hall Activity Centre provide your students with a choice of three themes to choose from: Web Development; App Development; and Python programming language.

The coding series can be tailored to make learning accessible for a range of ages and abilities. Coding workshops can fit seamlessly into your JCA activity programme to maximise learning outside the classroom.

What to expect

Depending on the size and number of groups you wish to enrol into the coding workshops, sessions can run either simultaneously or rotationally alongside Condover Hall’s many onsite adventure activities.

  • Workshops last 3 hours 15 mins (15-minute break included)
  • Introduction to coding languages
  • Build links between language and web development
  • Coding by device
  • Work with a range of key terms to implement code language
  • Q & A on using coding in real-world scenarios

Web Development Workshops

Join our web development workshop and see your students become pros at HTML and CSS to create their very own unique websites!

Throughout the workshop, students will have the chance to design and enhance your websites while learning new skills and HTML tags to take their creations to the next level.

By the end of the session, students will have the opportunity to discuss with the School of Coding team potential career prospects and how web development can be applied in the real world.

App Development Workshops

The app development workshop offers a whole new world of coding possibilities for students.

The goal of the workshop is for students to understand the importance of apps, and learn coding and app design while creating their very own app.

Students will use their new skills to continue developing their app independently, with the guidance of the School of Coding team.

After the workshop, students and teachers can quiz the School of Coding team on how the skills developed can be applied in real-world situations and discover the various career paths available in app development.

Python Workshops

Python is a dynamic language that powers some of the most renowned companies worldwide, including Google, NASA, and Netflix. This versatile and powerful programming language empowers students to cultivate fresh skills and broaden their horizons.

The Python workshop gives students the chance to boost their computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and abstract reasoning.

With inclusion at the top of our agenda at JCA, the workshops are structured into three levels catering to different skill levels. Each level will introduce students to new programming concepts through hands-on challenges and tasks so the School of Coding team can continuously gauge students’ understanding.

The coding workshops see students work towards a final project that combines all the programming skills they have acquired, ensuring they feel confident and skilled in their abilities.

Workshops are wrapped up with a Q&A session and a summary that reinforces their learning and highlights real-world applications of Python, including various career opportunities and companies use this versatile language.

Python Workshops by Level

Foundation Level

The foundation-level Python workshop for coding sees students delve into the essential concepts of Python. From variables and inputs to mathematics, comments, if statements, and random libraries, they will also learn how to implement counters and loops.

These foundational topics are designed to equip students with the skills to code effectively in Python and navigate the software with confidence.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate-level students will start developing their skills through learning string handling and functions/procedures. The purpose of these skills is to aid students in understanding how to structure their code and realise why it is important to structure it.

Advanced Level

Our advanced-level course will demonstrate to students the power of utilising Python graphics to unleash the endless potential that Python offers.

See what happens on a typical trip

To give you a better idea of what you might expect on a typical week at Condover Hall with School of Coding workshops, check out our sample itineraries below.

Interested in our Coding workshops for schools?

To find out more about our Coding workshops at Condover Hall, get in touch with our friendly team on 01273 647 200 or simply fill in our quick enquiry form below.

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