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Paddles at the ready as children take to their canoes and explore the rivers and waterways of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Croft Farm’s fantastic location right on the river Avon gives groups the freedom to journey up the river, taking in the local landmarks and practising their canoeing skills all at once.

Kitted up with full safety gear and led by a senior watersports instructor, children will sit or kneel with their single-bladed paddles in these multi-person canoes for their journey. Equipment is sized for the junior market so skills are developed more quickly and groups will practice such exercises as launching and landing, forward and backward paddling, stopping, forward and reverse sweep strokes, stern rudder and safely capsizing.

A specialist watersports instructor will be provided for this activity on a ratio of 1:8 participants

Subject relevance:

English, Physical Education (PE)

Suitable for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Non-school groups

Centres offering this activity:

  • Croft Farm
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