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A big part of outdoor learning is the ability to think outside the box to complete a goal. This session sees various scenarios and equipment set up around the centre, including colour coded and maze based games, which groups will have to use their initiative to navigate through. Encouraging lateral thinking and problem solving skills, pupils must call upon their teamwork skills in order to complete the challenges.

Block Crane – The whole group use ropes to move a crane to pick up different coloured blocks and move them to the coinciding marker.

Electric Maze – The group take turns to negotiate the maze and not step on an electric square, if they do they will start again.

Toxic Waste – The group must retrieve a toxic waste container without entering the area or handling the container using ropes.

Towers of Hanoi – The group must move 5 numbered tyres from one pole to the end pole (3 in total) and keep in the same numbered order.

3D Spiders Web – The group set their own challenges in order to get each member to navigate their way through a webbed maze without touching it.

Subject relevance:

English, Physical Education (PE), Physical, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Suitable for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Non-school groups

Centres offering this activity:

  • Condover Hall
  • Croft Farm
  • Rookesbury Park 
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