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Stand up paddleboarding

Take to the water on a Stand Up Paddleboard where participants stand on a board much like a surfboard and use a paddle to navigate. Requiring determination and balance, it provides a full-body workout challenge! Known as SUPing, this versatile and fun sport enables learners to enjoy being on the water. The calm, flat shallow […]


Beginners’ kit and qualified instruction will ensure all groups of all abilities get to grips with windsurfing during their time at Croft Farm.


JCAs sailing dinghies are ideal for children to learn on our shallow 12 acre lake and be introduced to the love of sailing.

Kayaking (River)

River kayaking at JCAs Croft Farm centre is aimed at groups who are in need of a more advanced challenge on the water.

Kayaking (Lake)

Our lake provides an ideal environment for an introduction to kayaking for children without a current to contend with.

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