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The benefits of Revision Residentials

Condover Hall, Shropshire

As the exam season draws closer, the pressure for both you and your students to receive fantastic results is growing each day. It’s a critical time for your pupils so some serious revision time needs to be completed, but, why not add some fun to the mix? 

Our revision residentials to the infamous Condover Hall provide schools with the perfect tool to prepare pupils for the busy exam season. Not only will your students tackle some teacher-led revision time, but they’ll also come away with a rise in confidence, improved motivation and positive changes in behaviour and engagement. 

Students will enjoy a change in environment in the scenic Shropshire countryside, where they will experience a mix of study time and adventure activities across whatever period you deem the most beneficial for them, whether it’s one day or three. 

With five classrooms, a range of on-site facilities and a multitude of thought-provoking adventure activities, a revision residential to Condover Hall has more than a few benefits for your students prior to the intense exam period. 

Engage, motivate and focus your students

The combination of adventure activities and solid revision sessions is ideal for motivating and improving your students’ engagement in learning – whether they’re practising for GCSE or SAT exams. After a morning of studying, your students can look forward to participating in an array of outdoor activities and challenges. They’ll be able to let off steam, unwind and then return to the classroom feeling refreshed and ready to hit the books. 

Allowing your pupils to challenge and engage themselves in a new, outdoor environment can enhance their willingness to try something new and conquer any fears they might have. This can help boost their self-confidence and participation when it comes to revising, whether by themselves or back in school. It also presents an opportunity to ignite a passion for learning in your pupils and can help give that much-needed critical boost right before important exams. 

Balanced and stimulating activities 

Our impressive Condover Hall centre offers over 40 different activities that can develop a range of skills. Your students can take to new heights with our high ropes course, which includes a variety of different sections for them to face head-on. They can work together to tackle different challenges such as crate stack and high all aboard – which are perfect for forming stronger relationships between pupils as well as fostering a sense of belonging. Another favourite includes archery, which provides the ideal environment for students to develop concentration and self-discipline – essential skills when it comes to revising for those ever-so-important exams.

Students raft building at Condover Hall

Learning outcomes and bespoke programmes

A JCA revision residential at Condover Hall provides a fantastic setting for mentally preparing your students for their exams – helping to quash stress levels and any feelings of intense pressure. As well as boosting motivation, confidence, strengthening relationships and team-building, a revision residential presents an opportunity for your pupils to dedicate time to revising, away from the distractions and pressures presented either back in school or at home. 

Book your Revision Residential today

Our revision residentials are completely bespoke to your needs and can be catered to meet specific learning outcomes and objectives – choose your revision times, adventure activities and length of your stay.

Give our outdoor learning account managers a call and chat with them about our revision residentials and learning programmes or simply fill in our enquiry form now.

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