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Progress is coming along nicely on our brand new lake development at Condover Hall and it will only be a matter of time before you, your school and your family will be able to enjoy an extended range of exciting on-site water-based activities.

Variety is the spice of life

At JCA we are all for new experiences and with the opportunity to get our hands a bit dirty we felt constructing on-site activity and nature lakes was the logical option. In went our planning permission and out came a thumbs-up for the chance to provide young learners with an enriched learning experience on the water.

Lake Bomere has served Condover Hall groups well with plenty of happy memories of fun at the lake. However, after many years of returning to the Hall with a squeaky noise emanating when everyone sat back on the mini-bus and a chorus of “I didn’t do it”, our new lake complex cuts out on transfer times and blushes.

Two is better than one

We certainly gave our developers something to think about with two lakes, but as we always want to provide the ultimate outdoor adventure, it seemed only right to have separate activity and nature lakes. It gives more groups the opportunity to enjoy our growing number of activities, provides children with something new and intriguing, plus helps teachers tick off a few more curriculum goals.

That’s why at JCA we love outdoor education – whether it is developing children’s personal and social skills, providing children with a physical outlet to keep healthy, or enabling children to explore nature in a controlled environment, our new water-based additions to the JCA family allow for just that!

Activity Lake

Our activity lake will allow groups to suit up and get into the water even quicker with its location just 5 minutes from the Main Hall. This means groups don’t have to miss out on those extra few minutes developing their skills in a kayak and working as a team to develop the ultimate raft that could rival even the mightiest of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ships.

Don’t worry though, as groups won’t be expected to lock horns with pirates, but the raft challenge does provide the ideal opportunity for children to improve their communication and organisational skills as a team as they pit themselves against their peers. Whose raft will sink? Whose will sail in the quest to conquer the new waters at Condover Hall?

Nature Lake

Likewise, the nature lake will provide a host of new opportunities for school groups and families. Developing upon our programme of eco-challenges, the new nature lake will allow for investigative learning through enquiry and getting in touch with nature.

Learn about natural processes, explore the habitat and link to learning within the classroom through a thoroughly engaging experience. This is the hands-on learning teachers continue to seek out that sees improved engagement from their class and further inspires children to question natural processes.

Get in touch today!

Come and see what we’re shouting about! Visit us and take on a new adventure at our JCA flagship activity centre at Condover Hall. Whether you are a school or family group, our new activity and nature lakes give you extra options to enjoy the site and a learning experience you can be sure can’t be replicated in the classroom.

To find out more about including our new on-site lake activities into your itinerary, please contact the JCA team via our enquiry form or call 01273 647 200.

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