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The staff at Condover Hall took to the shop floor of Shropshire’s Morrisons over the weekend raising £500 through packing bags. 

The charity, Just4Children, works to support families who have children with disabilities and sickness. Providing everything from support programmes and therapy to specialist equipment access to life-saving treatments, Just4Children has been continuing its drive to support the estimated 700,000 disabled children living in the UK.

Getting together in aid of one particular young girl from Shropshire, the Condover Hall team mustered up some fundraising ideas before settling on something that would benefit the local community at the same time. Every disabled child has a special story to tell and for this teenager, she has spent the past 4 years with multiple chronic health issues leading her to be unable to bear weight forcing the need for a wheelchair. 

From an active lifestyle and making the most of the outdoors, the adjustment to a permanent place in a wheelchair has been made all the more difficult. However as an athlete with a fighter’s mentality, there is a story to be told that shows the strength of will and pursuit to achieve through motivation. Excelling throughout college and university, this teenager has now already represented Team GB in wheelchair basketball and is keen to ensure others with disabilities take inspiration to overcome adversity and create new goals in their lives. 

Supporting this teenager to continue to make a difference in her life and others is made all the more possible through Just4Children and the fundraising activities available. Whether it is packing bags at the local supermarket or an idea of your own, there are plenty of ways you can make a difference. Many thanks to the Condover Hall team who raised a fantastic £500 for this great cause. You can find out more about the Just4Children charity here

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