It’s more than just getting a bit of fresh air. It is SO much more...

Outdoor education for developing, curious young minds spans a range of proven benefits which are both immediate and long lasting. They have a proven impact on the future adults they become and their wellbeing as children and adolescents.

It’s an exciting time for exploring the opportunities there are for taking classes out of the classroom. Many studies and academic research projects are being carried out to explore and understand the benefits and impact of looking outside of the school walls to support learning objectives and character growth.

Learners, not prisoners

In a world where children are spending more time indoors than prison inmates, it is imperative that more teachers understand the impact and urgency of taking their primary and secondary classes outside better understand their physicality and the world and people around them and how all of this connects.

Read through our 4 facts that no teacher should miss...

1. Outdoor learning promotes physical and emotional health

“…evidence indicates that direct exposure to nature is essential for physical and emotional health. For example, new studies suggest that exposure to nature may reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)…”

Louv, R, 2009, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-De cit Disorder, London, Atlantic Books

A consequence of learners being engaged in their class is that behaviour changes. Improvements in otherwise disruptive classmates have been widely observed when the learners are taken into new environments and given time to expend energy.

Creative Education, 10 Reasons to Take Learning Outside the Classroom

Pleasant Street Primary School low ropes

2. You, and your fellow teachers, will experience better relationships with your learners

“The benefits of the outdoor classroom are clearly not confined to students. Teachers noted improved relationships with students, personal development in the teaching and curriculum benefits.”

- Dillon et al, 2005, Engaging and Learning with the Outdoors: The Final Report of the Outdoor Classroom in a Rural Context Action Research Project, Reading, NFER.

3. You’ll see underachievers in your class make big strides forward

“Learning outside the classroom can also help to combat under-achievement.’ Learning outside the classroom.”

- Ofsted 2008

Dr Stuart Brown, a world-renowned expert on the importance of physical play in child development, believes a child’s “immersion in the outdoors” and is “important for their long-term health and wellbeing”.

Dirt is Good campaign 2016

Netball team take to the climbing wall

4. You’ll be teaching them HOW to learn

“For many young people, it is not sufficient to acquire knowledge without seeing its relevance to themselves and the world around them. So, they learn better through practical experience and acquire their knowledge and understanding through real-life tasks”

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom


Passion for learning outside the classroom

That's only 4 facts about outdoor learning benefits to school children. In our research and in our over 20 years of activity education experience we have found vastly more reasons exist.

We encourage teachers to look into this topic and understand the incredible impact taking their classes outside or to an activity centre have have emotionally, academically, mentally and socially. We’re passionate about opening up the world for UK school children and young adults and we know the amazing teachers out there are too!

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