Children enjoying the high ropes at Condover Hall

The benefits of low season residentials

With JCA, your school residential doesn’t just have to be taken in the height of summer, in fact there are some extremely rewarding benefits of heading on a JCA activity trip in the low season during autumn and spring.

Student climbing at Condover Hall

Conquering Fears By Trying Out New Things

Give your students the opportunity to conquer fears by trying new things in a safe and friendly environment that will help them develop self-confidence and overcome fears - learn more here.

Student revising at Condover Hall

Why take your students on a revision residential?

With the busy exam season drawing closer, it's time to start cracking down on some serious revision time, but why not add some fun to the mix with a revision residential at Condover Hall?

Mount Cook Zip Wire teaser

Mount Cook reveals new rooftop zip wire

Our Peak District centre has unveiled a new adrenaline pumping activity that’s sure to excite and challenge school children and teachers alike

High 5 Netball Weekend

What is High 5 Netball and how do young players benefit?

Exploring the popular new game of High 5 netball and how young players get the most out of it