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Awarded full accreditation for the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge Scheme, our multi-activity courses have been recognised for the emphasis we place on safety, enjoyment, education and self-development.

We know learning can be adventurous and using an outdoor environment can effectively transfer into a wealth of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours.

At A Glance:

  • We recognise the positive impact of outdoor learning and make it a reality
  • Our JCA instructors work to inspire and help children learn and achieve
  • Our JCA team can collaborate with teachers to better understand the needs of their group
  • Inclusion – opportunities for children, no matter their circumstances
Girl rock climbing with JCA

Contributing To the Development of Young Learners

Research suggests that the outdoors is where many children like to be the most. By allowing children the freedom to be outside, we reinforce their emotional well-being, enabling them to embrace the natural world independently.

Our centres provide an open environment allowing children to develop freely, experience natural phenomena and pursue a desire to engage in lifelong learning. Helping children to participate in physical activity now mean they are more likely to remain active in later life.

By embracing physical activity, our outdoor adventure programmes promote health and well-being. This can translate to creative thinking, productivity, good interpersonal relationships and resilience in the face of adversity.

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The Importance of Inclusion in Learning

Providing high-quality outdoor learning experiences, an adventure with JCA is a chance to participate in new and exciting activities and develop new skills.

Our aim is to inspire children to achieve at their highest level. This means ensuring our experiences allow for all children to access the activities and their outcomes. Inclusion is therefore high on our agenda to maximise the positive impact outdoor experiences can have on children.

By demonstrating and reinforcing respect for the natural environment, we are confident in providing both a memorable and fun experience.

Our Criteria of Key Outcomes

We have considered the provisions set out by organisations in the development of outdoor learning to shape the activities and experiences we offer across our selection of JCA activity centres.

While each centre has its own specialisms, all provide the opportunity to achieve the following 10 key outcomes:

Children at the Mount Cook high ropes course
  1. Enjoyment
  2. Confidence and character
  3. Health and well-being
  4. Social and emotional awareness
  5. Environmental awareness
  6. Activity skills
  7. Personal qualities
  8. Skills for life
  9. Increased motivation and appetite for learning
  10. Broadened horizons

We aim to achieve each key outcome by working with a number of quality indicators, and to ensure all children are provided with the best opportunities to develop during their outdoor adventure with us. Each outcome can be dissected and measured against the level children work to, and realistic attainable targets are set out within their learning.

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How Do We Sustain the Quality and Effectiveness of Our JCA Programmes?

We understand the importance of progressive formal education experiences sitting alongside experiences in non-formal settings. As such, we firmly believe a tailored outdoor learning experience can positively impact on attainment.

Our instructors are not only trained on the specific activities we offer at our adventure centres, but are selected for their understanding of the influence a residential experience and their own interpersonal skills can have on shaping a learning experience for school groups. Collaboration between teachers and JCA instructors allows for children to develop holistically by understanding the individual and collective needs of the group.

The JCA adventure in its entirety not only focuses on developing skills but also attitudes by fostering positive sustainable behaviours. By increasing resilience to new situations and environments, children are in a stronger position to act independently and solve problems.

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