Supporting young learners in their development

JCA have been facilitating secondary school trips for over 20 years by providing a variety of activity centres in both countryside and beachside locations across the UK. We offer opportunities for groups of young people and their teachers to experience new and exciting challenges in a safe, fun and friendly environment through a selection of activities aimed at achieving chosen learning outcomes.

Secondary education is a key stage in the development of young learners. Our secondary school programme of activities looks to provide a broad learning experience extending beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Curriculum goals become directed towards skills needed to better prepare teenagers for their futures.

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Tailoring the trip to the needs of your secondary school group

Build your school residential trip around the activities of your choice with our huge selection of indoor and outdoor on-site activities allowing for children to build upon teamwork and self-confidence. We will build your JCA adventure around the learning outcomes you want your secondary school students to achieve.

Inclusion is high on the agenda for us at JCA as we realise the impact of our learning environments on students. Our engaging, fun and responsible JCA instructors are always on hand at our adventure centres to lead activities, support learning and enforce safety procedures.

Taking steps to lifelong learning

Our adventure activities are designed to challenge and encourage students to extend their development. Learning and achieving together helps to generate team spirit and additional key skills which can be reinforced back at school. Ensuring every student has the opportunity to identify progress and experience achievement, we see our JCA activity breaks as the perfect opportunity for students to build stronger bonds with their peers. Besides developing self-esteem, our tailored programmes allows for exploration and energetic physical activity inclusive of all abilities.

Outstanding spaces to see learners grow

Adventure activities will help students push their limits and increase their confidence. These new experiences in new spaces will see students pick up new skills in order to adapt to unfamiliar environments.

Many of our centres also offer the opportunity to dive into nature with a series of eco challenges. Great opportunities for students to develop their understanding of the outdoors, our eco activities encourage students to consider how they can have a positive impact on the environment.

Alternatively, you may be seeking a watersports adventure for your group that not only develops communication and gross motor skills but a deeper knowledge of safety on the water. You can even take part in 2-3 day courses to complete national accreditations in dinghy sailing, windsurfing or canoeing for those hoping to develop their skills further.

Whatever your aim, you can be assured we have a programme to suit your needs.

Support for party leaders

We understand that as teachers there exists an abundance of creative ideas and trips to inspire students’ learning. However, actually planning and running a school activity trip can seem a daunting task and awash with myths forever deterring you from even contemplating the idea. With over 20 years of experience, our expertise is essential in providing you with action-packed curriculum linked itineraries, exceptional value for money and support every step of the way.

  • Engaging activity trips aimed at introducing students to new experiences
  • Dedicated instructor per group of 12 (except for some specialist activities)
  • Full-board accommodation (catering to special dietary requirements)
  • Full insurance included as standard
  • Expert Sales and Customer Service Team to help plan every step of the way
  • Tailored documentation provided to help teacher preparation, including risk assessments
  • Promotional tools including posters, a DVD, PowerPoints and flyers to help promote the JCA trip to your secondary school students
  • Easy payment plan to help all parents to budget for the trip