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As netballers, we all have our pet peeves on the court. Here is a list of 15 issues most netballers can relate to the moment we step inside the court lines… And unfortunately sometimes out!

1. Avoiding playing centre

We all want to be the next Sara Bayman, with her dominance in centre court. A prime example of someone who can go the full 60 minutes and can still get away with turning up to the post-match party in her kit. We like the panda eye look anyway!

2. Wanting to comfort your friend when she falls

No one likes those players who pull on the bibs or seeing their teammates fall to the ground accidentally. Fear of straying offside means the power of the virtual hug needs to come into play… A little thing we like to call amongst teammates ‘netball unagi’.

3. Never winning the coin toss

As captain of the team, you may feel you have one job to do… Win the coin toss. Whether you picked the wrong side or even failed in getting the umpire to place it in their hands to choose from, walking back to your teammates with ‘that’ look again can start to question whether the game will fall in your favour. Chin up girls and play on!

4. Becoming a she-Hulk

Losing the coin toss may be the start of things to come, but let’s keep that temper down… We don’t want any green monsters roaming the courts!

5. Playing out of position

So you’re GS and you’ve been asked to fill in WD, what could go wrong? Everything and nothing! Keep flapping those arms around and do the best you can. After all, you’ve not volunteered for GK.

6. Having incredible aim

Embrace the glory that comes from getting over 90% of your shots in the net. Take it everywhere you go whether it is chucking rubbish in the bin from a great distance or adding it to your repertoire of party tricks. Your shot may not be graceful, but points win you the game.

7. Keeping the ball in play

The ball is about to roll out of court and there is just one move you can pull in the hope of retaining possession – the wedding bouquet throw. Launch it with as much gusto as you can muster, just remember – it’s game time!

8. Early tip-off times

You’ve gone away on tour with your team but, in all the excitement of taking part in a netball tournament, you forget that you won’t be lying in until midday. Get over it; rise and shine, it’s time to get your game face on!

9. Over-packing your “comfies”

Whether it’s UGG boots or your Nike trackies, you can’t have too many items of comfy clothing on tour. Wrong! Embrace the weekend, not the sofa! Sorry, but you needed the tough love…

10. The frustration of having a toe over the line

Mistakes happen, but when your toe appears a cm over the sideline on a free pass, it’s simply crushing! Just hope the rest of your team learns from it…

11. Rain

Oh the fearsome foe! It affects your game; you just know the ball will destroy your hands when it gets to you; and at the end of the day, it means another day playing without the sun. This is England!

12. Bibs

Many dread wearing bibs, let alone if they don’t even fit. It seems squeezing it over your head is a testing match-up in itself even before the whistle blows.

13. Kit envy

Playing kit isn’t always going to be the most glamorous of items but when you see the opposition rocking up in the latest Gilbert-inspired uniform, you can’t help but want to win all the more. Don’t forget, it’s about the taking part.

14. Training over a party

“Are you going to the party?” Nope, because you have to run around in the cold for an hour at netball training. Don’t worry; it’s just another example of your deep commitment to the cause. There will be other parties…

15. When personal space goes out the window

You’re in a match situation and the defender is playing tight… Really tight. Intimidation on the court doesn’t exist for you and you deflect this through over-arching and demonstrating outstanding shooting ability.

Have you got any to add to the list?

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