At JCA our top priority is safety for all those who join us on our netball weekends. Both Condover Hall and Rookesbury Park are focused on providing a safe environment for all our junior netball teams to enjoy a weekend away.

Promoting a culture of safety awareness in outdoor education, we aim to maintain our high standards of safety and security without losing the excitement of the JCA adventure!

Netballers enjoying high ropes at Condover Hall | JCA

Safety management at our centres

As with all of our UK activity centres, Condover Hall and Rookesbury Park comply with the health & safety requirements needed to operate safely. A copy of our public liability insurances is accessible to Party Leaders at the centre.

We also have in place a stringent Safety Management System, which has been externally inspected and verified with each member of staff trained to the standards depicted. This works hand in hand with our formalised Emergency Procedures Plan all staff members work through during their training. In the unlikely event of a serious emergency, the JCA family have the support of the Travelopia Crisis Management Team.

Every JCA instructor carries a first aid kit on all activity sessions and hold the Health & Safety Executive Appointed Person award. There is also a senior member of staff present at our netball weekends who holds the First Aid at Work qualification. Our netball courts will also have a first aider on hand to support any injuries sustained in play. 

Our JCA policy on safety can be seen in action every day at Condover Hall and Rookesbury, with safety and equipment checks are conducted and recorded. In the event any equipment shows signs of wear, the item is removed and replaced accordingly.

We have carried out thorough risk assessments for all activities and to support Party Leaders in their planning, generic documents are available to download as part of the Party Leader Information section.

In the event of any accidents or near misses arising, these are recorded, analysed and corrected to ensure they are avoided in the future.

Condover Hall

Accommodation security on a junior netball weekend

Our accommodation options also comply with our strict security measures. A member of staff at Condover Hall/Rookesbury Park is on call 24 hours a day and evenings see senior staff on duty until 11pm. Porter patrols take over to patrol the grounds throughout the night from 11pm to 7am at Condover Hall only.

All JCA staff are recognisable by their JCA uniform and name badge with photograph. Visitors to Condover Hall are required to sign the visitor book upon arrival and wear a visitor badge.

With clear boundaries to our centres, security barriers at the front gate and CCTV in operation (Condover Hall only), your netball team are in safe hands.

For further specific information on fire drills, fire safety and security, please refer to the JCA Safety Management System and Risk Assessment. 

Netball team shot at Condover Hall