Introducing High 5

We’re always looking to expand JCA Netball and make the game available to everyone and anyone who wants to take to the court. Last year we ran a successful primary school aged tournament weekend at Condover Hall, and 2018 sees the introduction of High 5 netball in partnership with the fantastic HC Tournaments. 

What is High 5?High 5 Netball Weekend

An increasingly popular, entry level version of the game designed specifically for young players aged 9-11. Played in schools and communities nationwide, it helps kids get active, develop new skills, have fun and make new friends – everything that JCA trips are all about!

Matches see 5 players per team on court at once and in some cases children take on off-court positions such as time keeping and scoring. By offering children a role during non-playing time, High 5 is seen to engage children and hold their attention for a longer time. The game can be for mixed or single-sex teams with a maximum of two boys on court at any one time. 

Some differences between the traditional game and High 5 include a lower net at 9ft, a four second time limit on passing or shooting and with fewer positions on court the Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter are allowed in two thirds of the court. The positions that are removed from High 5 are Wing Attack and Wing Defence.  

What do children learn?

A key part of High 5 is players rotating round positions, enabling all young netball stars to experience every position on court, learning the role of each position and encouraging as many players as possible to participate. If children choose to pursue the sport further, this method results in more adaptable players as they get older.

High 5, like the traditional game, has a defined set of rules that players must follow. Penalties can be earned by standing too close to the player you’re marking or making footwork errors, so players have to stay on their toes! By learning and adhering to the rules teaches discipline in a competitive environment.

JCA are running our first High 5 netball weekend exclusively for players aged 9-11 on the 22nd-24th June 2018, so bring your team along and see them develop their skills and take part in adventurous outdoor activities at Condover Hall. Find out more about the game of High 5 through the England Netball website or get in touch with Rosina to reserve your teams place here