Kids Racing

4 Important Outdoor Learning Facts Every Teacher Should Know

What proof is there for outdoor education impacting young learners in the UK? What facts should teachers know about it? We explore 4 facts backed up by academic research.

World Cup Preliminary games

The adventure continues at Mount Cook

The days become warmer, the evenings seem longer, and the Mount Cook Adventure Centre is a hive of activity buzzing with excitement.

Boy kayaking with JCA

Building character in the outdoor classroom

We take a look at how outdoor learning can contribute to building children's character as they develop as young learners.

High Ropes at Mount Cook

3 Ways Outdoor Education Could Help With Childhood Mental Health

Childhood mental health issues are on the rise in England. We explore how outdoor education and activities could support school children that are suffering.

High seas high ropes at Mill Rythe

Mill Rythe unveils new high seas high ropes

With the unveiling of our new high seas high ropes course, children can set sail on a new adventure at Mill Rythe!