Maybe it is a given, but this time of year is a firm favourite with the teams at Mount Cook and JCA. The days become warmer, the evenings seem longer, and the Mount Cook Adventure Centre is a hive of activity buzzing with excitement.

In recent weeks, the team at Mount Cook have welcomed numerous schools to the centre with groups travelling from around the UK to experience and enjoy the great outdoors on a JCA residential trip. Welcoming schools from Lincolnshire, Liverpool, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, and Peterborough, Mount Cook offers a unique environment allowing young learners to flourish. From a range of locations, young learners continue to make their way to Mount Cook to try new outdoor activities, discover the outstanding landscapes of the Peak District, and develop a series of skills and attributes they can use back at school.

Pleasant Street Primary School preparing to take to the water

Through both the good and poor weather, groups have come together to support each other through various activities. From constructing wooden dens and tackling a series of team challenges to exploring Cromford Canal on a canoeing expedition, even rain can’t dampen the spirits of our visiting groups.

Pleasant Street Primary School in the restaurant

Here, the team at Mount Cook have collected a few words from Pleasant Street Primary School on their recent JCA adventure:

Mount Cook Residential, by Hamza

"We had a fun three days in Mount Cook Derbyshire. First we went on the mini buses. After a couple of hours on the mini bus we arrived at Mount Cook. We set all of our bags down then we had lunch; it was really delicious.

After lunch we went canoeing and we all had different groups; our group was called The Lions. We all went on the boats and we went under a tunnel and it echoed. Mrs Johnston, Terrell and Maisie fell off the boats and they were very, very cold and Terrell fell two times so that was funny!" 

Jackie Chan Adventures, by Tupac

"We had to get ready for canoeing. Terrell fell in the water first then another time Maisie and Mrs Johnston fell in as well. After canoeing we went back to the building and washed our hands, then got a shower - it was nice and warm - then we had food. Once we had food, we played a quiz [and] after that we went to bed.

The next day we went downstairs and had breakfast; it was gorgeous. Then we got changed and went to do our first activity of the day; we were late. We had to climb up some logs. The activity was called Jacobs Ladder; it was hard. Afterwards we had a break, we had a drink and then we went and played a crane game then tire and initiative exercises. Then we had food and we went to bed.

On the last day we went and played Gladiator Wall [and] then we went home.

I loved Mount Cook." 

The Journey to JCA, by Thang & Malik

"It took 3 hours on the motorway to get there; we didn’t mind how long it took us to get there. We were all listening to the radio and having fun on the way there.

Once we arrived there, we all got our luggage and went into our rooms and unpacked our luggage into our wardrobes.

We had 15 minutes to unpack our luggage and chill for a bit in our rooms before the activities.

There were 3 teams; the Dream Team, Mystic 10 and the lions. Our team was the Dream Team and there were 12 people (including two teachers: Miss Sherman and Miss Gervais).

We had beans, hash browns, bacon, toast and eggs for breakfast. We had crisps, a sandwich, a biscuit and a piece of fruit for lunch and for dinner we had pasta, beef bolognaise with garlic bread and we had the choice to have water or juice.

We stayed there for three days and we had so much fun! There were lots of fun and muddy activities that really made us laugh!"

Pleasant Street Primary School team challenges
Pleasant Street Primary School low ropes